How long will it take to have my payroll up and running if I move my payroll to D&P Payroll?

Typically 1 day, provided you have supplied us with all the information requested.

Can I change to D&P Payroll mid-year even if I am with another service?

Absolutely, We will input all of your current records so you will only deal with D&P Payroll going forward.

What if I forgot to submit vacation pay, or a similar item, for an employee and they need it this week?

D&P Payroll will process and deliver same day or next day depending on the time of day.

How do I know my taxes are being paid and paid on time?

D&P Payroll will provide you with links to both Federal and State sites so you, the client, can see payments.

What if my payroll gets lost in the mail?

D&P Payroll will re-run your payroll at no charge and deliver it to you ASAP.


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